Virtual Walks - Philippines

DVD for indoor walking, treadmill and cycling workouts

Sales of this DVD will be donated to the victims of super typhoon YOLANDA (HAIYAN) in the Philippines

Our brand new virtual walk DVD concept is a great way of seeing a country you may not know of first hand and this brand new film is a fabulous virtual journey through beautiful Philippines. There is no place like this island and this DVD is as close as you can get to be there! 

You will never want to exercise any other way than walk through the sheer beauty of this island. All tracks are repeated automatically,allowing to tailor your exercise routine to longer times..

Choose from three Walks on this DVD 

Walk 1 - Visit the stunning Mountain Range of Cordillera near Baguio surrounded with its lush tropical vegetation and emerald rivers. 

Walk 2 - Walk along the Rice fields and a typical rural Philippine village. See ox carts and the drying of rice in the streets. Experience life as a villager would live. 

Walk 3 - Come with us through a tropical paradise with its tall palm trees and beautiful views of El Nido's islands. Walk near mangrove vegetation in a breathtaking ocean sunset.

Last November 8th 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) ripped through the Philippines causing devastation and deaths on an unparalleled scale. Isis Asia Ltd founder, Tony Helsloot, permanent resident of this beautiful island, immediately decided to act to help those who have been affected the most. He also want to raise worldwide awareness on the dangers of more storms sure to come to this volatile tropical part of the world.

You can help by purchasing this virtual walk DVD as it is a great way of seeing a country you may not know first hand and this brand new film is a fantastic virtual journey through this beautiful island. This terrific film will astound you and fully demonstrate the sheer beauty of the island, making it the first DVD's the company has released as yet. All proceeds will be given to hand picked relief projects, ensuring every cent will count. 

Isis Asia Ltd will create a dedicated website showing, with total transparency, what will be happening with the funds relief, how much will have been raised and the money distribution.




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